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CardioAde Retail

CardioAde Retail

The newest Approved Pauling-therapy drink mix.  A one-month supply of Linus Pauling's recommended vitamin C and lysine as a pleasant-tasting drink mix.  Ingredients Per Daily Serving:  One serving (2 scoops daily) provides 5,000 mg of vitamin C, 5,000 mg of lysine, and 100 mg of stevia (herb-based sweetener).  30 servings per jar.  Perfect for those without cardiovascular disease who are already taking a preferred multiple vitamin and wish to add the Pauling-recommended high-dose vitamin C and lysine to their regimen for prevention.  Note:  Contains no L-proline, the amino acid recommended in addition to L-lysine for those with cardiovascular disease.  Also good as a daily supplement for children.  Can be dosed at one-half scoop hourly during a 24-hour period during periods of exposure to sickness or during acute infection and illness with no toxic side effects. 

100% money back guarantee within 60 days of original shipping date.
Refrigerate or freeze product before and during use for longer shelf life.

For more complete information about this product before ordering visit:

Tower Orthomolecular Laboratories

PRICE:  $68.57
GROUP DISCOUNTS:  For Practitioner and Retailer discount pricing call 877-869-3752


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